Creative Ways To Make Money as a teenager

Creative ways to make money

Creative Ways To Make Money

Unemployment has an increasing rate in many countries, especially Pakistan. Every day several people are crying and are facing difficulties just they do not have any job or a source of earning. But let me tell you that you can earn Pakistani Rupees 50,000 without beating yourself in office work. Yes, there are various ways through which you can earn a lot of money. So let’s discuss  Creative Ways To Make Money as a teenager

First of all, let me remind you that earning money is not an easy task. This requires patience. If you think that you can be a millionaire overnight, so you are wrong. It needs some time, but it works. Let’s begin!

The Social Media Influence – Creative Ways To Make Money

Creative Ways To Make Money

Social Media influence is the best way to earn money. Nowadays in Pakistan, almost everyone is going to social media. Let’s take an example of Facebook. You could see a lot of videos over there. Another good example is YouTube. Channels like Eshu Tech and Oye Techy, Zaid Ali, Sham Idrees, etc. Eshu Tech and Oye Tech give you exciting information plus daily Vlogs while other examples entertain people through videos. This is also a source of earning. If you have a massive number of followers on Twitter, Facebook or any other social media you can earn a lot of money, especially YouTube. Also, Subscribe the YouTube Channel of Eshu Tech and Oye Techy.


Photography - Creative Ways To Make Money

Photography from one of the Creative Ways To Make Money. If you are a good photographer, it is really easy for you to earn money. Take amazing photos and sell them. You need to be a top-tier photographer. As the social media are looking for such magnificent photographs so sell them to media outlets such as Shutter-stock etc.

Website Blogging


Website Blogging is a popular source of earning. You can find a lot of websites on a single topic, like from the site you are reading. You can find so many interesting and informative topics in Eshu Tech. Invest some money, make a website and run it. For this, you also need to learn how to manage and run a site. But as I said earning money requires patience, it takes time, but it works. Blogging is from one of the Creative Ways To Make Money

Online Tutor

Creative Ways To Make Money

If you have a good command on a subject whether English, Computer, or Maths you can earn money by online teaching. You just need to spend some money. Install a webcam and Skype. You also need a whiteboard to have a real impression. Start teaching and earn money as much as you can, as online teaching worth a lot.

Art and Craft


Art and Craft is also a top-hole source of earning. If you are good at art and craft, you can sell your things that you have made and earn money. You can also teach people DIYs on YouTube like most of the people do. This is Really from one of the Creative Ways To Make Money

Online Earning Website

Pakistani Money - Reason Not To Buy iPhone X - Eshu Tech

There are a lot of earning websites but remember not all are authentic. Sites like Captcha 2 helps you make money. Apart from that, you can check the Oye Tech YouTube channel; some videos show how to earn money.

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So, these were some ways that tell you Creative Ways To Make Money as a teenager without drubbing yourself in Office. I am repeating myself that it takes time to do this and earn money so be patient and Best of Luck. Make sure to Comment and Share and Subscribe Oye Tech, and Eshu Tech YouTube channel.


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