How does Grammarly work? My Honest Review

does grammarly work

How does Grammarly work?

Hi Guys How Are You All? I am Irfan Afzal and Today I will Review a Very fantastic Software Grammarly and I will Tell You that how does Grammarly work and how it can help you by stop making mistakes in English.

If You are a blogger and you write articles for your blog then probably you face a grammatical problem during your proofreading process. Grammatical errors can stop users from reading your blog posts and move on someone else post. You can Proofread for hours but after all, you are human! Making Mistake is human nature. I’m also a non-native English speaker, and that’s why whenever I write a blog post I make mistake. So when I came across Grammarly, I immediately decided to give it a go.

First I started using Free Version, My Experience was just Mind Blowing even Free version came with limitations but then I Purchased premium version So Let’s talk about Full Features of Grammarly.

Does Grammarly work for writing Better English?

Basically, Grammarly is an Advanced, Spell checker and full-featured Grammer tool that integrates with every online platform where you write.

Whenever you typing in any text field in WordPress, Facebook, Blogger, Email or any other online website then the tool will be activated by highlighting any error in real time.

For Example, I am Typing in WordPress so you have seen I’m getting a green highlight on a text that has an error. To check what error is, I just hover over the text to see a description and a suggested correction.

does grammarly work

Another Fantastic feature is Vocabulary Enhancement which suggests a synonym for those words which appeared many times.

Grammarly helps us and make writing easier by providing accurate and useful corrections that help us a lot during writing, This is a very useful tool that can improve both your writing and proofreading skills.

First Start With Free Version so when you get satisfied with the tool then buy subscription plan and their plans are also affordable and valuable.

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That’s it for today If You Want To Download Grammarly I Highly Recommend you to download Grammarly. If You use Grammarly so tell me your experience in the comment section.

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