How To Find What I Am Passionate About?

How To Find What I Am Passionate About

How To Find What I Am Passionate About:

If we look around in our society, so we could see that there are many people who are working just in order to survive not for their-selves. Actually, they do not know what their passion is due to which they ruin their lives! Now there would be a big question mark in your mind. How To Find What I Am Passionate About?  So let’s have a glimpse at it.


 Be Honest with Yourself!

Knowing your passion is far easier than you think! you just need to ask few simple questions to yourself.


1. “Of what subject I could read 100 books at a time without getting bored?”

2. “What work can I do for years without getting paid?”

3.  “What work can I do with complete interest?”


Never Assume that Your Passion would be Your Job

How To Find What I Am Passionate About

If you want to know, How To Find What I Am Passionate About?  Never ever expect that your job could be your passion. You do a job in order to earn money and to survive, but you never do a job to enjoy. Passion is something that makes your life enjoyable and interesting. Your job probably makes you bore but passion won’t. Heather Ennis quoted “There are a lot of things worth doing that will never bring you money.


Evolve in the Task that You Hate

You just simply need to make a list of tasks that you hate and try to do that task. Once you have done that your passion will become more evident to you. Afterwards make a list of those people, whom you feel jealous about their jobs. Why would you feel jealous of someone’s job? Maybe your passion would be on that list!


Go for the Things that You are Moderate at

It does not matter if you do not have any special skills. Just go for the common things that you do. How To Find What I Am Passionate About?  Suppose if you are having average artistic skills plus a sense of humor. You would not be thinking about getting an art degree or study of humor. But if you think out of the box, you can be a good cartoonist! Steve Jobs (Founder of Apple Company) did not study engineering or designing but he was good enough at it. Now you can see his passion drag him t what extent.

Recall What You love to do as a kid

How To Find What I Am Passionate About

When you were a kid, there must be something that you love to do. Maybe drawing, singing, writing stories or any other thing. You do that because you enjoy it. Now think, would you enjoy that activity now? Maybe that would be your passion.

By working on the above exercise you would be able to reveal your passion. Always remember, do not go where the whole world is going, just create your own way, be Passionate! I Hope Your Question How To Find What I Am Passionate About? is now solved!!! and this article help to discover your passion.

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