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Here are Four Reason Not to Buy iPhone X. All are talking about all the great features of Apple’s new flagship Phone iPhone X including its upgraded processor, large bezel-less display, and the addition of wireless charging. Its all Feature make us Very Excited, but if you look this device honestly, you will realize that the iPhone X isn’t all it should be.

Reason Not To Buy iPhone X

Guys I am comparing iPhone X with Android Smartphones, If you are only iPhone User, so this device is Just Awesome because this iPhone is Apple Flagship iPhone

1. iPhone X is Very Expensive.

Pakistani Money - Reason Not To Buy iPhone X - Eshu Tech

iPhone X is most expensive iPhone to date and if we compare iPhone X with some High-end Smartphone Prices

iPhone X Starting Price is $999, and Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus Price are $724.99 and $824.99, and LG G6 Launched at the cost of $599 Make sure that this all Smartphone come with High-end specs is water resistant and sport a near-bezel-less design, just like the iPhone X.

Flagships Smartphones are expensive, But the iPhone X price is too much High in My Opinion, especially when you can get Number of Smartphones with High-end Specs in Low Price.

2. Nothing New in iPhone X

iphone X - Reason Not To Buy iPhone X - Eshu Tech

iPhone X comes with Latest technology It has a bezel-less display, a powerful chipset, a dual-camera setup on the back,  and also supports wireless charging. But Think about this Whats new? Nothing, Because they are already present on many Android smartphones.

Apple should get at least one unique feature that would make it stand out from the crowd. Like The OnePlus 5 has Dash Charge, Galaxy S8 has the curved display, the Note 8 comes with the S Pen,  Motorola’s high-end handsets have Moto Mods. These smartphones have something unique that makes them stand out from the crowd.

It just like that Apple has stopped innovating and just following the trends that have already been established on the market. To maintain its market position, Apple needs to make Something New.

3. No Fingerprint Scanner on iPhone X

Instead of Adding New features to its Device, They are just actually removing them. After ditching the Headphone Jack last year, back with another bold move,  they Remove Fingerprint scanner from the board of iPhone X.

Finger Print Security become standard on most high-end and mid-range smartphones, but iPhone X replace this with Face ID is Apple’s new face recognition technology. To unlock the iPhone X, you have to lift it up to your face. The camera should be pointing at you, then swipe up. Opening with a scan of the finger is much quicker and more comfortable.

Facial recognition system also not super reliable, which we were able to see at Apple Event. During its first demo, Face ID failed twice in a row Even if it works brilliantly, and Apple needs to give Finger Print Scanner.  Apple likely didn’t want to “ruin” the phone style by including a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor, but they can also mount their fingerprint scanner at the back of the iPhone’s Logo.  It’s easier to unlock a device with a finger than your face while it’s placed on the table.Fingerprint scanners are excellent, and I see no reason to Remove the technology that works and is easy to use.

4. iPhone X Annoying Design.

The design is essential — no one wants Bad design smartphone. No, I don’t say that iPhone x has a bad design, I also not mean it has Good Design. The overall configuration of the device can be described as bland, it has not unique stand out from the crowd, to be an honest opinion, a bit annoying.

The first thing the notch on the top that houses the proximity sensor, the camera, and so forth. Alike we’ve seen larger bezel on top of Note 8 and LG V30 and in my opinion, it looks more stylish.

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