What Are The Ways To Prevent Heart Disease or Stroke?

What Are The Ways To Prevent Heart Disease or Stroke?

Nowadays the rate of people getting heart attack is high. To know how to prevent such thing to be happen you are require to read this article. In this you will get to know What Are The Ways To Prevent Heart Disease or Stroke? So, let’s begin!

What is A Heart Attack?

Ways To Prevent Heart Disease


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Heart attack is a sudden attack in heart. It is a medical emergence. What happens is that the supply of blood to the heart is suddenly stopped and this is usually by the clotting of blood.

Symptoms of Heart Attack

Ways To Prevent Heart Disease

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As the heart attack is caused due to the clotting of blood which block the furnishing of blood to the heart. Its symptoms are as follows:

  • The first and the foremost reason of heart stroke is the chest pain. It feels like the chest being squeeze or compress by a heavy object. This pain can radiate from heart to jaws and then back.
  • There will be shortness of breathe.
  • Another symptom includes the weakness or light head.
  • Feeling of anxiety.

Note: It is not important the every time the chest pain result in the heart attack symptom, it may be indigestion.

Cause of Heart Attack

Ways To Prevent Heart Disease

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Heart attack is basically consider as the DEATH SEGMENT. This is caused due to the loss of supply of blood. This happens when the heart fails to receive blood because of blood clotting.

The Immediate Complications of Heart Attack

The Immediate complications includes:

  • Arrythmias: The heart starts to beat unevenly, either too fast or too slow.
  • Hypoxemia: oxygen level in the blood become low.
  • Pulmonary edema: the fluid assemble around and in the lungs.
  • Myocardial rupture: the heart attack causes the heart wall to damage the can leads to the rupture of heart wall.

The Gradual Complications of Heart Attack

The Gradual complications comprises of:

  • Angina: the inability of oxygen to reach to the heart cause chest pain.
  • Edema: the fluid gathers around legs and ankle which cause them to swell up.
  • Congestive heart failure: the heart beats very weakly which makes the person breathless.
  • Pericarditis: the heart’s lining become inflamed that causes severe chest pain.

Treatment for Heart Attack

It is good and the chances of being save increases the faster the victim approaches hospital. When a person gets heart attack he stops getting breaths, in this case CPR (cardio-pulmonary resuscitation) should immediately start.

Prevention For Heart Attack

Ways To Prevent Heart Disease

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To be safe from heart attacks there are some prevention that you should take. The Ways To Prevent Heart Disease or Stroke are as follows:

  • Those who smoke should quite smoking. As now you know that from smoking, apart from lungs cancer you can get heart attack too.
  • If you are over-weighted, start loosing weight.
  • You should take regular exercises.
  • Stop the consumption of alcohol.
  • Consume low fat and high fiber diet.

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