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Sodium Battery

Hi, Guy’s you all are using Batteries in your daily life in Mobile phones, Laptops, SmartWatch, Camera similarly in many gadgets but we always afraid if battery will blast what will happen? Finally, guy’s we are going to use a blast-proof Sodium battery in our future, and we can also charge them with our body fuel.

So guy’s in this post I am going to talk you about Sodium batteries my name is Irfan Afzal, and you are reading this post in Eshu Tech, So Let’s Begin.

After Blast of Samsung Galaxy Note 7, we have seen many pictures of Mobile Blast for the reason that we get afraid of Battery blast but guys this is not a big problem. Because millions of phones are regularly selling, from them only 2-6 phones may be a blast, but there may be a fault of battery or Charger, but we don’t know. Lithium-ion batteries store chemical inside, and a reaction of a chemical can blast.

Sodium Battery

A blast of Battery is very dangerous if our phone inside our pocket or we are using them in our hands.

So we all know that Li-ion carries extra chemical if we talk about that type of device which we are using inside of our body implant which needs a battery, so we need to see this they are blast proof or not? But there are chances of Blast By using extra layers of coating we make them leak proof and explosion proof but their weight is the huge problem, but we use the extra layer of the coating so a battery cannot leak because lithium ion battery chemical is hazardous for our body.

Sodium Battery

So Guy’s China Research lab, show in future we are going to use Sodium batteries. These batteries have much advantage which helps us so much first of all

A blast of battery:

In Sodium battery, there is 0% chance of Blast. We all know the reason of Normal battery Blast because of Battery leakage and the reaction of a chemical.

Not Bad For Health:

If we use lithium-ion battery inside our body, they will be very harmful if they will blast or Leak. Sodium battery chemical is not dangerous for our health. If sodium battery chemical leak so it will not affect in your body as we all know we also eat sodium and sodium are also present in our body.

So guy’s sodium batteries are flexible so we can use them in our smart band, our body implant device similarly in so many gadgets. These batteries are sodium based so according to research maybe in future we can charge sodium battery with our body fuel.

Sodium Battery

Think about that you are wearing a smart watch and you don’t need to charge them if you are going for exercise and your sweat will charge your smartwatch.

Conclusion: Sodium batteries are much better than Lithium-ion batteries. We can use sodium batteries in our body without afraid of cell chemical reaction or battery blast. So guy’s with sodium batteries our future will make brilliant and blast-proof: D

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